China and Bahrain may swap places on 2018 Formula One calendar due to national holiday

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Formula One is confident China will have a race next season but the grand prix in Shanghai may end up swapping dates with Bahrain, commercial managing director Sean Bratches said on Thursday.

The season is due to start in Australia on March 25. However the current Shanghai race weekend coincides with China’s Qingming three-day national holiday, also known as the Tomb Sweeping Festival, when families pay respects to their ancestors.

That could reduce the crowd and lessen the overall impact in a country that Formula One’s new owners Liberty Media have identified as a key growth area. ‘We’re talking to both of them (China and Bahrain) to that end and if we can reach a mutually agreed upon solution, which appears to be on track to happen, youâll probably see that,’ he said.

Source Credit: The Daily Mail Online
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