Coke Made Its Own Bubbly Ad About Saudi Arabia Lifting Its Ban on Women Driving

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It took a few weeks, but Coca-Cola has rolled out an upbeat commercial in Saudi Arabia, celebrating King Salman’s decree back in September that allows women to drive—finally ending the only ban on women drivers anywhere in the world.

The minute-long spot opens with a father and his daughter switching seats so that she is driving. And it soon becomes clear that he’s going to give her driving lessons. It’s a lighthearted plot from there, centered around the woman’s struggle getting used to the driver’s seat. Eventually, Dad has an idea—a goofy one, but one that allows a bottle of Coca-Cola to be front and center for the rest of the commercial.

Reaction in social media has been mixed, with some praising Coke for recognizing the milestone with a feel-good ad, and others complaining that Coke is exploiting women’s rights for commercial gain.

Source Credit: AdWeek
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