Companies to Pay Fines for Holding Workers’ Passports: Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia on Monday announced new penalties for companies that violate the country’s labor laws, Nasser Al Ghafis, Minister of Labor and Social Development, said in a statement.

The penalties include a fine of SR10,000 ($2,667) for allowing non-Saudi employees to work in professions other than those listed on their work permit, or when the employer fails to register or update the company’s data at the labor bureau.

Companies will also pay a fine of SR2,000 ($533) if found to be keeping a worker’s passport, residence or medical insurance card without consent.

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Other fines include SR10,000 if the employer fails to raise the wage protection file on a monthly basis, SR10,000 for failure to provide workers with adequate leave, and SR15,000 ($4,001) for not meeting occupational health and safety regulation.

Fines will be doubled in case of repeated violations or failure to correct a breach within a month, the statement added.

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Source Credit: Albawaba Business


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