Coronavirus: Cases Cross Two Million Worldwide

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The world reached a grim milestone as more than two million cases of coronavirus infections have been reported around the world and at least 127,146 people have died due to the COVID-19 virus, according to the latest data.

It took about four months for the virus to infect one million people, on April 3, and roughly 12 days for that number to double.


The United States has the highest number of cases at over 682,000 infections and more than 26,500 deaths.

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In Europe, Spain has more than 170,000 cases, Italy has over 159,500 cases, France has more than 137,000 cases and Germany has over 130,000 cases.


In the Gulf, Saudi Arabia has 5,369 cases and 73 deaths, the UAE has 4,993 cases and 28 deaths, Qatar has 3,428 cases and 7 deaths, Bahrain has 1,528 cases and 7 deaths, Kuwait has 1,355 cases and 3 deaths, and Oman has 710 cases and 4 deaths.


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