Coronavirus: Confirmed Global Cases Reached 1 Million

A few months ago, much of the world was unbothered with the novel coronavirus outbreak, if they had heard of it at all. Now, the virus has impacted almost every corner of the globe, and the number of confirmed cases has reached 1 million.

The number of confirmed deaths from COVID-19 has also passed 50,000, according to the tally of official figures maintained by Johns Hopkins university.

America now leads the world in number of cases while Italy has recorded most fatalities. China is now far behind at number 5 in the number of cases and fatalities.

Today is April 2 and here we are, the nearly 8 billion of us, baffled at this pandemic that has thrown the most powerful governments of the world, huge corporations and pretty much all of us off balance.


While cases rack up elsewhere, China’s rate of recovery is highest at 93 percent.

The novel coronavirus, which is believed to have originated in a wet-market in China, was first reported in early January. Wuhan was then declared the epicentre of the outbreak, with the virus swiftly spreading to hundreds of travellers from all over the world, many who were visiting for the Chinese New Year.

Since then, the epicentre has shifted west, toward the US and Europe, where fatalities are now recorded in three digit numbers every day, US becoming the first country to record a 1000 deaths in one day.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health in Bahrain has  just confirmed a total of 258 active cases in Bahrain, including 8 new cases.



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