Coronavirus: GCC Has Reported 10,907 Cases and 73 Deaths

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The six GCC countries have reported combined 10,907 cases and 73 deaths in total so far.

While Bahrain has reported 887 cases until now, Saudi Arabia has reported the most cases with 3,287 while UAE has reported 2,990 cases. Qatar is not far behind with a report of 2,376 cases. Oman has reported fewest cases, with only 457 cases till date.

Death-wise also, Saudi Arabia leads with 44 reported deaths, followed by UAE with 14 deaths and Qatar with 6 deaths.

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While worldwide, about 6% of total infected cases have died till date, Saudi Arabia has the highest death rate in the GCC, at 1.3%, while Kuwait has the lowest, at 0.1% death rate.

Bahrain has a death rate of about 0.6%, a higher percentage than UAE given the small population size.



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