Coronavirus: MOH Bahrain Stresses Importance of Following Rules

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The Ministry of Health stressed that it is the national responsibility of all to follow the precautionary health measures enacted by the government, which include vigilantly following social distancing guidelines, to ensure the mitigation of COVID-19 and the safety of the community.

The ministry highlighted that recent COVID-19 testing has indicated an increase in cases from contacts of active COVID-19 cases, particularly from family and social gatherings, leaving home for unnecessary reasons, and negligence when complying with the health measures and guidelines issued.

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Furthermore, the ministry underscored the importance of limiting family gatherings to those only living in the same household, not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary and wearing face masks at all times when in public. Masks should also be worn when around elderly individuals or individuals with underlying health problems living in the same household. Individuals are not required to wear a face mask when driving vehicles, or when performing strenuous exercises, such as running, swimming or cycling.

The ministry reiterated the importance for all citizens and residents to follow all precautionary health guidelines, which include regularly washing hands with soap and water, using an alcohol-based sanitizer, regularly disinfecting surfaces being used, covering ones mouth when coughing, disposing used tissues in the correct manner, and distancing from individuals who are suffering from fever or coughing.

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The ministry concluded by outlining the importance of calling the hotline no. 444 if experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms, and to follow the instructions provided by the support team.


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