Coronavirus: Most expat cases in Bahrain are Indians

According to the Ministry of Health’s contact tracing data, citizens are the most number of people infected in Bahrain. Out of the 637 recorded, 463 positive cases are Bahrainis and 174 are expats.

After Bahrainis, Indians constitute the second-highest group of people affected, which is not a surprise as Indians form the biggest expat community in Bahrain. Of 637, while 463 are Bahrainis, 99 are Indians and rest 75 are of different nationalities. Which means that 73% of coronavirus patients are Bahrainis, 15% are Indians and others are only 12%.

Most of the infected expats are from the already quarantined labour camp in Salmabad where 2 labourers were tested positive due to contact from an eye hospital in Seef.

Global reports that suggest men are more prone to the virus seem to be valid in Bahrain as well, with males constituting 59% of total cases.

The “old people virus” concept does not hold true in Bahrain, with the maximum number of patients being between the age of 18 and 40. They constitute 42% of the total affected, while 39% of infected are between the ages of 40 and 60 years. 60 above only constitutes 12% of total cases, while children below the age of 17 are at an alarming 7%.

Taking a deeper look at the age-wise statistics among the positive cases, patients in the age group of 40-50 are the maximum, at 133, followed by the age group between 20-30 and 30-40, both with 120 cases each. 22 children below the age of 10 have the virus.


Where did this come from?

As of 2nd April, a total of 241 confirmed cases were identified as travellers returning from Iran, followed by 57 travellers returning from the United Kingdom, 12 travellers returning from Egypt, eight returnees from Iraq and 27 travellers from other countries with high infection rates.

Till now, the Ministry of Health has announced a total of 688 Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases out of which 285 cases are active, 423 discharged and 4 dead.

The public is urged not to panic as the government is continuously taking necessary measures to maintain the safety of Bahrain’s residents. With one of the highest recovery rates in the world, Bahrain has emerged as a leader in the fight against COVID-19.



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