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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Announces 17 New Cases

The Saudi Ministry of Health announced 17 new cases of coronavirus on March 12, bringing the total in the Kingdom to 62.

This includes a Saudi citizen who had been in contact with someone who was previously tested positive for the virus and a resident who returned to the country from Portugal, via Turkey. Both patients are in isolation in Riyadh.

A Saudi who tested positive after returning from Iran, via Oman, is being treated at a hospital in Al-Ahsa. The fourth case involves a Saudi woman who had been in Turkey for six days and then spent five days in Lebanon. She first became aware of her symptoms on the night she arrived in Lebanon, and is now in isolation in Jeddah.

Two Saudi women who had traveled from Iraq are in quarantine in Qatif governorate, after testing positive for the virus without showing any obvious symptoms.

In addition, another 11 Egyptians from a group that had been in contact with an infected visitor from their home country tested positive for the virus and are in quarantine in Makkah. They also showed no symptoms. It was revealed that another 21 people from the group have the virus.

The ministry repeated its call for anyone who recently visited a country in which the coronavirus has spread to immediately contact its service center by calling the toll-free number, 937.

In addition, it urged members of the public who are concerned about the virus, or want more information about it and precautions that can be taken, to contact the ministry. It stressed that only official sources can be relied on to provide accurate information.


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