Coronavirus: Spain’s Death Toll Falls for the 3rd Consecutive Day

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Spain’s coronavirus death toll rises by its lowest amount this week for a third consecutive day with an increase of 674 raising fresh hope lockdown is working.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez extended Spain’s State of Emergency for another 15 days yesterday until April 26, but said the ‘top of the curve is in sight’.

It marked the second time the State of Emergency had been extended since it came into force on March 14. Speaking to regional leaders, the Prime Minister warned it could not be lifted due to the continuing escalation in deaths from coronavirus.

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Spain recorded its highest number on Thursday this week, at 950.

Health chiefs say although the actual number of coronavirus infections is stabilising, the situation could worsen if confinement orders were lifted. The government’s current strategy aims to lift the restrictions after the Easter holidays.

Spain has recorded the second-highest number of deaths from coronavirus in the world, with its numbers only being surpassed by Italy.


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