Coronet: Swiss made jewelry timepieces from Lifestyle Fine Jewelry

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Since 1997, Lifestyle Fine Jewelry specializes in fine diamond jewelry and watches in the GCC.

Lifestyle Fine Jewelry has seven outlets in Bahrain and is positioned to continue its expansion in Bahrain and the GCC. They have exclusive dealership in multiple brands including the Coronet Solitaire.

Coronet’s worldwide patented setting is what makes it a true original.

Coronet creates a modern classic watch collection designed to meet the tastes of discerning audiences worldwide.

Made in the true spirit of Swiss watchmaking, every Coronet watch is assembled, inspected and adjusted with close attention to embody elegance and precision.

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The Mudan watch was awarded the Guinness World Record at Baselworld for Most Diamonds Set on a Watch. This is the 9th Guinness World Record for the jewelry brand Coronet®. It is set meticulously with 15,858(50.01 carats) white and champagne diamonds in 18k gold and is valued at $500,000.


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