Couple Accused Of Carjacking With Gas Cylinder Threat In Bahrain

The High Criminal Court commenced the trial of two individuals accused of carjacking with coercion.

The first defendant, a 46-year-old retired man, is alleged to have threatened to detonate a gas cylinder with a lighter, while the second defendant, a 32-year-old woman, allegedly participated in the theft.

The prosecution alleges that the defendants, acting together, stole the vehicle by disabling its owner’s resistance through the threat of explosion.

They then fled with the stolen car

During the hearing, the defendants denied the charges. The court adjourned the case until July 9th to appoint a lawyer for the defendants.

The incident occurred on February 18th in the East Riffa market.

The victim, who was with his wife and daughter, had parked his car and stepped into a nearby shop. While inside, he heard loud noises and saw the defendants stealing his vehicle.

The victim’s wife reported that the male defendant had forced her to exit the car, brandishing a large gas cylinder and a lighter, threatening to detonate it if she refused.

Fearing for her safety, she fled with her daughter.

A witness corroborated the account, stating that he saw the male defendant rolling a gas cylinder while the female defendant accompanied him.

The defendant then approached a parked car, forced the victim out, and stole the vehicle, escaping with the female defendant.

Both defendants confessed to the crime during their interrogation by the Public Prosecution.

CCTV footage from the scene confirmed the incident, and it was revealed that the defendants had prior records of theft.

The court will continue the trial on July 9th to hear further evidence and arguments.


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