Court Convicts Expat For Forging LMRA Documents

It’s claimed that the pair were involved in robbing three other places,
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The court sentenced an Expat, who is a director of human resources in a private hospital, and his assistant for a year and a half and a financial guarantee of 1,000 BD to suspend the imprisonment until appeal.

The defendants were convicted of forging two signatures of two doctors to register their salaries with the LMRA, the contract was signed off by the defendant on behalf of the two doctors to take advantage of the difference in the amount of insurance required to pay it to the Social Insurance Authority. It also ordered the confiscation of the falsified documents and referred the case to the competent civil court without extra expenses.

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The details of the case were that when an Arab doctor working for the hospital got an offer for a job at another hospital but when he went to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority to get a copy of his contract at the hospital, he was surprised that his statements were incorrect and that his signature was forged, so he decided to file a complaint against the hospital.

He said that since 2013 he has been working with the hospital as a consultant for internal diseases for a salary of 2250 dinars, but in 2015 after receiving an offer from another hospital he submitted his resignation from his work and joined the new hospital.

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He added that he was surprised when he was in the Labor Market Regulatory Authority to request a copy of the work contract included in their systems. The contract stated that the salary was only 700 BD as a specialist.

In the investigation of the incident, it was found that the defendant managed to falsify the data of the two victims’ and registered them with the LMRA with less income, lower job titles; aiming at paying lesser subscription fees for the GOSI and paying lesser compensations in cases of injuries or death.



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