Court Expels Expat from Bahrain

The number of court sessions are reduced as a precautionary measure.
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The Third Minor Criminal Court ruled that an expat collection officer should be expelled from the country after serving the two-month prison sentence and requiring him to return 1,250 dinars, which he seized from the funds of a plastic material company, as he forged the company’s bills and sold its products with false bills to take the funds for himself.

The defendant had admitted that in 2019 he forged private documents, which are invoices claimed to be issued by the plastic company in which he works as a collecting officer, and used the forged invoices in return for receiving sums belonging to the company, which is estimated at 1,250 Bahraini dinars.

The court ruled that the accused be imprisoned for two months with effect, for the accusation attributed to him and ordered that he be expelled from the Kingdom of Bahrain forever after the penalty served and that the aforementioned convict is obliged to return the sum of one thousand two hundred and fifty dinars to the company.


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