Court Orders Car Dealership To Pay BD7,000 To Bahraini Woman For Selling Her Car Without Consent

The High Civil Court has ruled in favour of a Bahraini woman who sued a car dealership for selling her car without her consent. The court ordered the dealership to pay the woman BD7,000, the estimated value of the car, along with interest at a rate of 3% per annum from the date of the lawsuit in 2020..

The incident occurred when the woman deposited her 2019 car at the dealership for sale and potential exchange for another vehicle. However, a week later, she discovered that an employee of the dealership had sold her car, along with several other vehicles belonging to citizens and residents, and had fled Bahrain.

The woman filed a complaint with the Public Prosecution, which conducted an Investigation and sentenced the employee to four months in prison. Subsequently, she filed a civil lawsuit against the dealership, seeking to invalidate the sale of her car or to be compensated for its value.

In its judgment, the court found that the dealership employee had acted without the woman’s authorization and that his actions constituted a wrongful act. The court held the dealership liable for the employee’s misconduct, as he was acting within the scope of his employment at the car dealership.

Dr. Mohammed Al Dailemi, the woman’s lawyer, stated that his client had dealt with the employee in good faith, assuming that he was acting within his authority as a representative of the dealership. He emphasised that the employee’s actions. had caused significant harm to his client, who had lost her car and was forced to pursue legal action to seek compensation.


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