COVID-19: 500 Pakistani doctors and nurses to support Kuwaiti medical team

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The Ministry of Health (MoH) will bring in 500 doctors and nurses from Pakistan to be the first medical team to arrive in the next few weeks to support the Kuwaiti medical health team to handle the coronavirus, after the completion of all procedures for bringing them into the country within days, Al Jarida reports.

This is being done in preparation of a possible scenario of a second wave of the coronavirus, amid fears that one will strike in a similar situation in a number of countries around the world during the next few months

The daily said, quoting informed health sources, that the Ministry of Health will, in the coming days, will welcome the assistance of a number of medical and nursing teams specialized in intensive care, anesthesia, chest diseases and nursing, from outside Kuwait, to support Kuwaiti medical personnel in facing the coronavirus.


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