COVID-19: Helicopters patrol Oman to monitor night curfew

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As the curfew has started in Oman, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has confirmed its readiness to deal with any required situational demands.

The first night of the new curfew saw helicopters whirring above the night skies and surveillance vehicles combing the highways and streets.

Vehicles in charge of emergency services like water, sanitation and civic hygiene, ambulances and civil defense vehicles, vehicles carrying food and consumer goods, oil and gas tankers will be allowed passage. Container transport trucks to and from the official ports and entry points of Oman, manned only by a driver will also be allowed.

Vehicles transporting medical staff and workers at the field hospital at the old Muscat airport, as well as passengers arriving and departing from the airport, will be allowed to pass through, on presenting a valid travel document. Patients heading to hospitals and health centers, after receiving notification from the hospital are also permitted passage.

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The Royal Oman Police confirmed that the police force spread all around the country will ensure that the decision of the Supreme Committee is abided by all. Every effort will be taken to prevent family and social gatherings of all kinds, especially at beaches throughout the day, apart from ensuring the timely closure of shops and businesses.


Support of ROP aviation, as well as the use of remote-controlled drones will be sought to monitor the movement of the public and to arrest violators.

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Royal Oman Police has also warned that both the citizens and residents must finish their work before the curfew time to reach their residence. It also called upon the business owners to ensure closure of business hours, allowing employees sufficient time to get to their homes.

Calling on all citizens and residents to adhere to the directives and warnings, ROP sought cooperation from everyone and also to report violators by calling 999.



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