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Covid-19: Precautionary Closure At Salmaniya Medical Hospital

The Ministry of Health has closed one of the treatment units at Salmaniya Medical Hospital as a precaution after studying the laboratory examination results of a trained female doctor. She was in contact with one of the existing cases, which is her mother, who came from abroad.

The Ministry indicated that the unit has been completely sterilized and disinfected, and all arrangements had been finalized to resume the work of the unit tomorrow, with other medical teams.

The Ministry of Health confirms that the doctor has been shifted to the isolation and treatment center to receive treatment and necessary care under the supervision of specialized medical staff.

The Ministry stated that it has taken all precautionary measures and preventive measures by examining all those who were in contact with the doctor, especially the doctors and nurses in the therapeutic unit, whose results turned out to be negative. As a part of the preventive measures, the Ministry has asked those who had involved with the affected doctor to stay at home as a precaution and gave them a 14-day paid vacation.



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