Covid: What Did They Get Right?

by Justin Hart

Reflecting on the last three years of terror, torment, and totalitarianism, a tweet from Justin Hart got us thinking. He asked a simple thought-provoking question about COVID: “Did ‘they’ get a single thing right?”

We must admit we struggled to find a single thing ‘they’ got right, but here are some of Justin’s thoughts:

  • Transmission of the disease – wrong
  • Asymptomatic spread – wrong
  • PCR testing – wrong
  • Fatality rate – wrong
  • Lockdowns – wrong
  • Community triggers – wrong
  • Business closures – wrong
  • School closures – wrong
  • Quarantining healthy people – wrong
  • Impact on youth – wrong
  • Hospital overload – wrong
  • Plexiglass barriers – wrong
  • Social distancing – wrong
  • Outdoor spread – wrong
  • Masks – wrong
  • Variant impact – wrong
  • Natural immunity – wrong
  • Vaccine efficacy – wrong
  • Vaccine injury – wrong

Anything, ‘Bueller’?

As Hart so eloquently and succinctly puts it: “To repeat. They. Got. EVERYTHING. Wrong!” – which is interesting because as we were writing this post, the world’s richest man – with access to all the ‘dissent’-crushing communications – replied to a timely question…

In his ‘Rational Ground’ Substack, Hart lays out his views on what actually happened with COVID

Every year humans endure a “flu season” – a period denoting the high-water mark of that year’s wave of respiratory viral pathogens.

Believe it or not, we still have strains of the 1889 Russian flu, the 1918 Spanish flu, the 1957 Asian flu, the 1968 Hong Kong Flu, and the 2009 H1N1 virus – all these various strains of nasty bugs rear their head every single year.

In late 2019, a new “novel” pathogen appeared on the scene – a bug from the “Coronavirus” family (“corona” describing the spike-like structure of the particles.)

The official title was SARS-CoV-2. SARS = “severe acute respiratory syndrome”; CoV-2 = “Coronavirus 2.” This particular virus can cause COVID-19 (“Coronavirus Disease 2019”). The disease is thought to have originated in China and found significant human-to-human transmission.

Officials raised alarms about the potential mortality witnessed from COVID-19. Governments across the world scrambled to address and protect their populations from what quickly became a pandemic.

Here’s what actually happened:

  • Global elites had ramped up significant efforts to reshape the world to address a host of inequalities and imagined boogeymen like climate change.
  • These global elites were bolstered by a host of corrupt institutions which included the WHO (“World Health Organization”), big pharmaceutical companies, and world wealth and health players like Bill Gates.
  • With the emergence of a new virus these groups pounced at the vulnerable moment to put their plans into action and retool the world with a host of proposals – this was known as The Great Reset. The Coronavirus response was just the first sortie in this plan.
  • Governments across the world, under the threat of serious mortality (real or imagined), caved to the plan of action which utilized never-before imagined cram downs on individual rights, massive financial expenses, and enhanced authority overhauls to set the stage for a shift of power.
  • Free speech, right to assembly, right to bodily autonomy, and representative government all fell within months of the first COVID-19 cases announced in almost every country.

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