COVID-19: Violators in Bahrain To Face Strict Legal Measures

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The Public Prosecution has completed its investigations into cases related to the violation of the health procedures and precautionary measures to combat coronavirus, and referred 19 suspects to criminal courts.

The Public Health Directorate had reported to the Public Prosecution that 12 suspects had violated the mandatory home quarantine, through leaving their homes during that period, in breach of the confinement.

The reports indicated that three defendants had opened their shops and practised their activities, in breach of the decisions to close commercial outlets and cafés.

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They also revealed that four officials in some commercial outlets had failed to provide the health requirements to protect their clients and prevent the spread of COVID-19, as they did not screen the temperature of their workers and customers, nor did they ask them to leave the required distance, sanitise shopping carts after use or provide gloves for their staff.

A café was also charged as the law imposes fines on legal persons.

The Public Prosecution had questioned the suspects, and ordered their release on financial guarantees. It also referred them to the low criminal court, and they will stand trial on April 22.

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The Chief Prosecutor asserted that investigations are still underway in similar reports by the Public Health Directorate, noting that a maximum three-year prison sentence and a maximum BD 10,000-fine is the penalty inflicted on the crime of violating the health and precautionary measures to combat Coronavirus.


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