Crazy lifestyles of the Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia

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INSTAGRAM is littered with images of young, beautiful people flaunting their wealth — but the Rich Kids of Saudi Arabia account takes things to the next level.

The popular social media page is filled with photos of the wealthy Gulf nation’s elite and their seriously enviable lifestyles.

Luxury cars feature heavily on the account, as do yachts and jet planes.

High fashion, watches and cigars are other common themes — as are exotic pets including cheetahs, tigers, chimps and other wild animals that are commonly kept as the playthings of the upper echelons of the oil-rich nation.

Saudi Arabia is known for its displays of extreme wealth, with King Salman famously embarking on a nine-day journey with 459 tonnes of luggage and an entourage of 1500 people in tow.


So it’s no surprise, then, that the nation’s wealthy youth aren’t shy about showing off their material possessions on social media — including gold-plated guns proudly displayed in prestige cars, piles of high-end sneakers and bank accounts featuring a lot of zeros.


The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the nation was worth $646.44 billion US dollars in 2016 and it represents 1.04 per cent of the world economy.


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