Customer Care In Healthcare

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April 7th marked World Health Day, which this year was dedicated to highlight depression. However, I’d like to highlight a special form of depression that takes place in, and often because of hospitals.

I’m sure you have come across phrases like “I went to the hospital to get treatment for my illness, but the hospital’s care made me feel worse” or “yesterday I saw my doctor, and before I left the clinic, I already felt cured”.  These two (common) phrases are examples of uncommonly practiced principle. The psychological condition of patients also affect their physical wellbeing.

The truth is, taking care of patients as business clients has made healthcare organizations (public or private sectors) healthier in terms of medical as well as financial aspects, as well as helping patients heal faster.

Healthcare organizations and businesses suffer deep depression when they fail to treat their patients as business customers, and not just as cases and numbers. The cost of doing so is high: high turnover by overstressed staff, increased complaints, higher rate of medical mistakes, hostility and dissatisfaction, etc.

A study of America’s perception of healthcare showed that the top factors for a patient (customer) to select a hospital over another are:

1. Needs awareness

2. Convenience.

3. Comfort/welcoming environment.

Customer care is an essential part of the wellbeing of the healthcare businesses. A shift in that perspective will lift these businesses from an eminent depression.


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