Cyclone Biparjoy: Storm in Arabian Sea Moves Northwards to Oman

Oman has announced that tropical storm Biparjoy has developed into a severe cyclone. Its Meteorology Department said that the cyclone, which is around 1,100km from the Sultanate, continues to move northwards in the Arabian Sea.

Forecasters, who are monitoring the storm as it moves near the Gulf, believe that the wind speed at the centre of the cyclone is about 130kph. The UAE is not expected to see any disruption from Cyclone Biparjoy according to the NCM.

Oman will see high clouds, often the sign of a storm front or change in weather, over the next four days on the coasts of the Sultanate. Oman was hit by ferocious winds and flooding in 2021 when Cyclone Shaheen devastated much of the Gulf nation.

A dozen people were killed in the country after 150kph winds destroyed homes, flooded streets and forced more than 5,000 people into temporary accommodation. Two people were also killed in Iran.

It is not the first time that Oman has been affected by extreme weather. Last year, the country was hit by a devastating flood that killed 19 people.


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