‘Dead’ sponsor sends end-of-service benefits to domestic aide who left KSA 22 years ago

Mohammed Zizan Hameed Lebbe.
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RIYADH: In a rare humanitarian gesture, a “deceased” Saudi sponsor sent end-of-service benefits to his domestic aide who left the Kingdom 22 years ago.
The Saudi sponsor, Shukr Sweilem Al-Shammary, who died six years ago, had requested his next of kin to pay end-of-service benefits to Mohammed Zizan Hameed Lebbe, Sri Lankan domestic driver, who had worked for him from 1987 to 1996 in Riyadh.
According to the will of Al-Shammary, the deceased requested his heirs to pay SR11,000 ($2,933) to the driver or his family members.
Al-Shammary’s grandson Abdullah told Arab News that he had handed SR11,000 to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh to give the money either to the driver, if living, or to his family members in Sri Lanka.
On receipt of the money from Abdullah, the labor counselor at the Sri Lankan Embassy, Indika Thilakaratne, said that the mission had remitted the funds to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) to pay the money to the nominees on the island.
Nalin Rajapaksa, media officer at the Ministry of Foreign Employment told that the ministry had launched an island-wide search for the whereabouts of the driver to settle this problem.
According to Rajapaksa, Mohammed Zizan Hameed Lebbe, was holding Sri Lankan passport No J0150924 issued in Colombo.
Members of the public, who know the details of this person, have been requested to get in touch with the Sri Lankan Embassy in Riyadh or the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign employment in Colombo to complete the payment procedures according to the will of the Saudi sponsor.
Source Credit: Arab News


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