Deaths and injuries after terrorist attack in Saudi

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A Saudi child and a Pakistani man were killed and 10 injured when armed assailants fired at company workers carrying out a development project, then at bystanders and passers-by in Qatif in the Eastern Province.

The suspects, who fled the scene, also targeted company vehicles with explosives. The aim was to obstruct the demolition of abandoned old houses in Al-Masoura district, which terrorists used as hideouts and dens for criminal activities including kidnapping and drug-peddling.

Policemen arrived at the scene and exchanged fire with the assailants, who then started shooting heavily and randomly, killing and injuring members of the public.
Al-Masoura is one of the town’s oldest areas, with some of its buildings more than 100 years old.

The area contains unplanned buildings, and the development project entails the demolition of 488 residential units, and construction of shopping centers, restaurants, residential towers and a cultural center.

The Interior Ministry said security forces will continue their duty to enforce the law so as to guarantee the continuation of the project.

The ministry praised people who cooperated with the security forces. It urged everyone to stay away from the project area and the roads leading to it for their own safety. The ministry also called on the suspects to surrender themselves to the authorities. (Source credit – Arab News)


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