Developing EV Strategy For Bahrain

At the EV forum organised by Bahrain Insurance Association (BIA), Mr. Jawad Mohammed, CEO, Solidarity Bahrain and BIA Chairman, said, “Electric Vehicles are the future of the global automobiles industry and as much as nearly half of global car sales by 2035 could be made of EVs.

This fundamental shift requires the entire ecosystem to make some major changes, and through this forum, the BIA attempts to address some of the key issues pertaining to this new trend.”

Talking about how Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are managing the transition from an ICE, to a dual to an EV car park and other operational transitions, Mr. Michael Goode, Senior General Manager, Aftersales, Ebrahim. K. Kanoo, Bahrain, said, “The future of driving is electric, but customer care, road safety, and repair practices need to keep pace with the technology. Let’s work together as partners to ensure a smooth transition for everyone on the road in The Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Key topics discussed at the forum included Infrastructure, charging and connectivity, Original equipment manufacturer transition and agency adoption, EV insurance innovation; Accident safety and reliable recovery Understanding of the EV technology, The voice of the bodyshop, End of life and end of the environment, Highlights, outcomes and next steps.


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