Dh285,000 compensation for family of woman killed in UAE car crash

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The family of a woman, who was killed in a car crash, has been awarded Dh285,000 in compensation by the top court.
The Federal Supreme Court in Abu Dhabi upheld earlier rulings by lower courts that ordered two insurance firms and the driver who caused the accident to pay the compensation amount to the deceased’s parents, daughter and brothers.
Court documents stated that the Arab woman was driving on one of the roads in the Northern Emirates when the driver of another car lost control and rammed into her vehicle. The woman, who was alone in the vehicle, died on the spot.


Police investigations confirmed that the driver of the second car caused the accident because of recklessness.

The woman’s family then filed a law suit against the driver, his insurance company and the insurance firm that was covering the woman’s car, and demanded that they be compensated for the loss of their relative.

The family, including the victim’s parents, her daughter and brothers, had demanded Dh12 million in moral and material damages.

The family said the woman was the sole caretaker of her parents and daughter, and that her death not only caused psychological damage to them but also financial difficulties.

Both the Civil Court of First Instance and the Appeal Court had earlier ordered the two insurance firms and the driver to pay Dh150,000 in financial damages to the deceased’s parents and daughter. Another Dh135,000 was ordered to be paid to the woman’s daughter and brothers in moral damages.

They filed an appeal to the Supreme Court, which maintained earlier rulings.


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