Dh72,000 beds: How UAE dogs live the high life

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Does your pet wake up in a customised bed encrusted with real diamonds? Or does she have a choice between wearing Swarovski or ruby chokers for a stroll around Dubai Marina? Do they get their birthday cakes via DHL directly from New York? Or deign to nibble only on organic food imported from around the world?

Pampered pets

Perhaps not, but many pampered pets in the UAE are being spoiled
with VIP services that would leave most humans salivating with envy. While most pets spend their day sitting by the door waiting for their owners to return from work, one cat is on a life-changing adventure. Mogli is a German-owned moggie currently on a cross-continental road trip to Dubai with her owner, 30-something Martin Kaluka. The pair set off from Rosenheim in Bavaria on August 25, and are sharing their story via the Instagram page @motomogli.

While travelling can be gruelling for animals, a select group are crossing the globe in the lap of luxury. A team of corporate flight attendants in California launched Sit ’n Stay Global to cater to the jet-set pet. The company says 50 per cent of its clients, among them GCC residents, fly privately to ensure the comfort of their pets. Similar services are available from Rotana Jet and Royal Air.

Jealous yet? Read the full story here: http://bit.ly/2jthXKy
Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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