Are you diabetic? Then no residency permit to Kuwait

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Kuwait is no longer offering a residency permit to expatriates who suffer from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and several other non-infectious diseases.

The new law comes in an effort to reduce expat health costs and this is the first time the country bans people with non-infectious illnesses from entering it.

The Kuwait’s Ministry of Health is said to have released a list of 22 disorders that make people ineligible to apply for permanent residence status in the country.

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Other illnesses mentioned on the list include kidney failure, renal failure, vision problems and a host of others.

Majida Al Qattan, assistant undersecretary for general health affairs at the Ministry of Health, said that the law also “comes in line with a GCC council decision which dates back to 2001”.

The law seeks to ensure that incoming expats are fit to work, added Qattan.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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