Dilmunia Mall To Create Remarkable Economic Impact With Over 3000 Jobs

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The Dilmunia Mall Development Company has introduced its newest project, Mall of Dilmunia on the man-made island of Dilmunia, located in the north-eastern coast of Muharraq. The new concept mall is said to include state-of-the-art facilities and entertainment centers for all age groups, whilst welcoming retailers across the region and new investors.

Mall of Dilmunia aims to add value with its economic impact to the Kingdom of Bahrain, through the creation of over 3000 jobs, as well as increasing tourism by attracting retailers and tourists from across the region and on a global scale. CEO of the Mall of Dilmunia Development Company, Sheikh Mohammed bin Duaij Al Khalifa discusses the job opportunities that the mall will create, stating, “This project will be able to create approximately 3,000 jobs in Bahrain. 1,500 of these jobs will be through retailers, while 1,600 will be mall-related management, 85 of those will be in the entertainment aspects of the mall. We hope to be able to provide opportunities to a number of Bahrainis, as well as the national economy.”

The project is in accordance with the 2030 Development Plan, set to contribute greatly towards strategically increasing tourism and investment into the country. The total investment in the fit-out is said to be between BHD 12 to 15 million and hopes to become a great touristic and family destination in the kingdom. According to reports, Bahrain is said to host tens of millions of tourists from the GCC and abroad on an ongoing basis through the year. It was further stated by the Expat Insider Survey, that Bahrain is the number one destination for expats to live and work, broadening the scope of attracting investors and tourists entering the country. With the completion of the new airport terminal three months prior to the mall opening, the percentage of tourists entering the country will increase and the mall provides easy access for them to enjoy the facilities and services within a short commute.

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Master developer Ithmaar Development Company (IDC)’s CEO Mr. Mohammed Khalil Alsayed said, “Dilmunia Island aims to tap into the fast-growing health and wellness industry by highlighting holistic well-being through its wellness centers and a range of five-star deluxe spas and boutique hotels. It will also offer world-class residential sub-developments, commercial facilities and recreational amenities for approximately 15,000 residents, as well as create thousands of highly skilled jobs in the medical, well being, hospitality and retail sectors. Mall of Dilmunia is an embodiment of that vision is the heart of the island as it will stand out as a sought-out destination for the island, the kingdom and regionally.”

The Mall of Dilmunia, designed by DP Architects, the same designers of the Dubai Mall in the UAE, will consist of three stories, providing quality services of entertainment, leisure and retail as well as an Al Fresco dining experience overlooking the canal, for tenants and guests visiting to indulge in an immersive experience as a family. The development of the mall has already begun with construction having progress steadily to achieve its targeted date to open its doors to the public in October 2019. The mall would include several activities in collaboration with sister company FUNSCAPE entertainment who are developing four themed entertainment centers across the mall. The mall will further include a 3-story high cylindrical aquarium (first of its kind in the kingdom), as well as an open-air sky terrace to welcome visitors to enjoy striking views of the canal surrounding the mall which is located on the highest point of the island. The mall also boasts the largest atrium in Bahrain that can be used for events as well as the longest stretch in the GCC of a 100-meter LED screen ceiling. Leasing is ongoing in coordination with their official leasing partner Jones Lang LaSalle or JLL. Based in Chicago, USA, JLL is a globally recognized organization in real estate around the world, and the largest in the MENA region. With construction already underway, Mall of Dilmunia has received interest from retailers and renowned leisure operators from across the MENA region. Further exciting news on the leasing progress to be revealed in early 2019.

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