Dispute Over 50 Dinars; Bahraini Sets Friend’s Car on Fire

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A Bahraini in his twenties is sentenced to a year after setting his friend’s car on fire for 50 dinars that he could not find in his wallet, thinking his friend had stolen them.

Despite the defendant’s attempt to disavow the accusation by claiming a lack of mental powers, the court indicated that the confessions of the defendant were issued in steadiness, calmness, and complete awareness that he committed the incident to revenge and disregarded his claim of mental illness. 

The incident details began when a report received by Alkhamis police station stating that a Nissan Maxima was burning in Salmabad, and the next day the accused came to the police station and stated that he had burned his friend’s car because of a dispute over a 50 dinars.

The 27-year-old accused who is a cook in a restaurant confessed that on 11/5/2018 a problem had occurred in his family which is why he stayed at his friend’s house. The next morning he was looking for his stuff before leaving when he figured out that 50 dinars were missing from his wallet.

He pointed out that he had discussed the matter with his friend but the latter insisted that he was not a thief in a provocative way. This sparked his anger, after which he went to the gas station to get fuel, drove his friend’s car to one of the courtyards near the garages in Salmabad and set it on fire. The next day he went to the police station and surrendered and confessed that he had burned the car.

The Public Prosecution attributed to him that on 12/5/2018 he set a fire on the vehicle owned by the victim, and he would endanger the life and property of other people.


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