Bahraini Diver Finds Rare Pearls

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A Bahraini diver, Sanad Abdullah bin Juffin, found two rare pearls, weighing 18 carats and 9 carats respectively, in the northern oyster beds (Hayrat) at a depth of 18 meters. The average size of pearls in Bahrain is between 1 and 2 carats. The larger, 18-carat pearl will be prized by jewellers and collectors not only for its size and weight but also for its rarity and unique complexion.

18- carat and 9-carat pearls found by diver

Approximately one hour by boat from the Kingdom’s northern coast, the Hayrat area is known for its abundance of oyster beds, which host several species of pearl-producing oyster.

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The pearling industry continues to be a valuable source of income for many Bahraini families given the existence of numerous, healthy oyster beds within the Kingdom’s territorial waters

Juffin’s finds have been certified by Kingdom’s world-class Institute for Pearls and Gemstones, DANAT, confirming the pearls as natural saltwater pearls of the Pinctada Radiata species. The detailed report includes further details of the pearls’ characteristics.


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