Do You Know the Real Meaning Behind These Emojis?

Emoji etiquette can be a minefield, with Gen Z-ers finding the seemingly innocuous thumbs up ‘passive aggressive’, while using the red love heart has previously been branded ‘so middle-aged’. So if you’re going to litter your text message with fun icons, are you sure you know the meaning behind them? Because it turns out that making assumptions could result in some very awkward conversations.

British mobile phone retailer Fonehouse has revealed the most googled emojis and their meaning, with some surprising results.

Do you think you can correctly guess which emoji means what? Try your luck below and let us know how you did in the comments.














 1. Green Heart

 The green heart is used to represent platonic feelings and most people use it with others they are not close to. It can also, depending on the context, represent one’s love for the environment. 

2. Woozy face

The woozy face can be used to signify that someone is drunk or under the influence, or smitten with their crush. 

3. Nazar Amulet 

This emoji represents the Nazar Amulet, which is thought to ward off evil spirits or negative energy.

4. Upside down smiley face

This emoji is used to convey sarcasm or irony, and implies that someone means the opposite of what they are writing. 

5. Grinning Face with Sweat

The sweaty grinning face can represent nervousness, awkwardness or a sign of relief. 

6. The eyes

 The eye emoji, also known as the side eye emoji, can be used to react to tensions, drama or a situation developing. 

7. Blue Heart

If someone sends you a blue heart, sorry, you’ve been friend-zone, as it represents affection free of romantic attraction. 

8. Yellow heart

This emoji can represent love, but it mostly is used to indicate friendship rather than anything romantic. It’s also used to express happiness. 

9. Purple heart

The purple heart represents care and compassion, it is also associated with the Korean boy band BTS, with their fan claiming the emoji as their own.

10. Black heart 

A black heart is used to show mourning or loss and to talk about the dead. It can also be used for dark humour. 

11. Pleading Face 

Also known as puppy dog eyes, the pleading face is used to ask for a favour or to beg for forgiveness. It’s also used to convey affection or sadness and compassion.  

12. White heart 

The white heart is used to convey pure love, and can be used to talk about some who has passed away.  


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