Drug dealer sentenced to five years imprisonment in Bahrain

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Manama: The first High Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a foreign national to five years imprisonment and his Bahraini companion to three years for drug peddling.

The Court also gave the Nigerian national a fine of  BD3,000 and the Bahraini national a BD500 fine. Besides, the first defendant will be deported once he completes his sentence. According to the court documents, the Nigerian man provided his local contact BD25,000 worth of methamphetamine, also known as Shabu.

Police managed to trap the suspects after noticing the lavish and extravagant lifestyle of the Bahraini man, who was working as a security guard at one of the hotels in the Capital.

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Anti-narcotics police, with the help of informers, ambushed the man by requesting a BD1,600 deal of Shabu.

The Bahraini man agreed and asked the undercover cops to meet him at his residence. He was arrested red-handed with the possession of more than 450 grams of the substance.

The man then admitted that he purchased the narcotics from the Nigerian supplier, who he had met through his friends at the hotel.

He told the interrogators that his supplier smuggled large quantities of Shabu into the country using different methods and gave him 40 capsules worth BD25,000.

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Police then set a trap with the Bahraini man by requesting more substance for selling.

The Court sentenced the Bahraini man and his friend who was arrested from his house to three years in jail and a fine of BD500. The Nigerian supplier was slapped with five-year imprisonment, BD3,000 fine and deportation.

Source Credit: DT News


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