Drug peddler gets five years imprisonment

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Manama : A Bahraini drug peddler has been sentenced by the First High Criminal to five year imprisonment and to pay a BD500 fine.

The defendant sold a bag of methamphetamine drug,  locally known as Shabu, worth BD280, to a police informer near the former’s house in Juffair. He was arrested during the delivery process of the drugs.

The details of the case mentioned that a piece of Hashish was found in the possession of the man during the arrest. Additionally, a delicate scale used to weigh drugs and other narcotics were seized from the dealer’s apartment.

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In the interrogation, the defendant led to another individual who supplied him with the drugs. Police detected three bags of Shabu, another scale and more Hashish at the supplier’s house.

The public prosecution accused the first defendant of selling narcorics, Shabu, for the purpose of trafficking and possession for the purpose of dealing narcotic substances including Hashish, marijuana, cocaine, clonazepam and tramadol.

The second defendant received the same accusations and was sentenced to one year imprisonment and to pay a fine of BD500.

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Two more defendants, who were arrested during the raid were sentenced to one year imprisonment and fined BD500 for drugs abuse.

Source Credit: DT News


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