Drunk Passenger Jailed for Causing Chaos at Bahrain Airport

The Bahrain High Criminal Court sentenced an intoxicated passenger to one year in jail for causing chaos at the airport. The person engaged in bizarre and unethical behaviour, ultimately leading to their permanent expulsion from the country upon completing the sentence.

According to details revealed during the trial, security personnel at Bahrain International Airport received a report about a foreign passenger displaying unusual behaviour and causing disturbance in the airport premises.

The individual was reported to be behaving inappropriately, disturbing fellow travellers, using foul language, and emitting the smell of alcohol. Security officers promptly approached the passenger, only to discover that they were heavily intoxicated.

Subsequently, the passenger was handed over to the police for further investigation and legal proceedings. The Criminal Court later found the individual guilty of being intoxicated in a public place, which directly resulted in the disruption of airport operations and inconvenience to fellow passengers.


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