Dubai: 100kg Baggage Allowed by Airline to Two Destinations

An airline operating from Dubai to two destinations – Islamabad and Lahore is allowing passengers to carry up to a whopping 100 kilograms in luggage aboard the flight.

As part of the ‘Bring All That You Can For Your Family & Friends’ campaign, Serene Air is now allowing passengers in economy class to carry up to 70kgs in baggage with an allowance of three check-in baggage not exceeding 32kgs each.

Business Class passengers will be allowed to carry up to 100kgs in four check-in luggage not exceeding 32kgs each. The ‘Baggage Bonanza’ offer will run from July 22 until July 31.

In a post on social media, the airline said, “Carry as much as you can!! Get ready to indulge in the luxury of SerenePlus throughout your journey with the amazing Baggage Allowance.”

The airline has numerous other running offers including a 50 per cent discount for people of determination and 25 per cent off for one accompanying passenger.


Arabian Business
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