Dubai airports have the fastest free wi-fi in the world!

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A recent study by Speedtest – which analysed the airport Wi-Fi facilities of Asia, Europe and Africa – revealed that Dubai International Airport’s free Wi-Fi access is the fastest in the world. Using data gathered during March-May 2017, the study found that Dubai airport’s Wi-Fi speed was Number 1 in the Asian continent. It was followed by Seoul and Tokyo.

Apart from topping the list of fastest free airport Wi-Fi in Asia, Speedtest also said: “Dubai reigns when it comes to free airport Wi-Fi. In fact, this airport has the fastest Wi-Fi we’ve seen at any airport in Asia, Europe or Africa.”

Check out the list on the Top 5!

  1. Dubai International Airport, UAE – Download: 39.50 Mbps, Upload: 46.27 Mbps
  2. Seoul Incheon International Airport, South Korea – Download: 26.52 Mbps, Upload: 32.76 Mbps
  3. Tokyo Haneda Airport, Japan – Download: 18.28 Mbps, Upload: 21.89 Mbps
  4. Indira Gandhi International Airport, India – Download: 15.95 Mbps, Upload: 14.98 Mbps
  5. Changi Airport, Singapore – Download: 15.20 Mbps, Upload: 18.69 Mbps


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