Dubai announces guidelines for New Year’s Eve celebrations

Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management approved precautionary measures for New Year’s Eve celebrations after a meeting on Saturday. 

Private social and family gatherings must be limited to 30 with proper social distancing measures in place. To ensure social distancing, space should be calculated so that each person attending the gathering an have a minimum of 4 sq.m. space at the venue.

Violators will be fined heavily, at Dh50,000 for the host of the gathering and Dh15,000 per attendee.

A Dubai Media Office statement reiterated that elderly people and those with chronic conditions are advised not to attend such gatherings and that any person experiencing symptoms such as coughing or fever must also refrain from attending events.

Attendees must also wear face masks at all times, authorities said. 

Authorities will conduct inspections and penalise violators, a tweet posted by the Dubai Media Office added. The Committee called on families and members of the community to strictly comply with precautionary measures and avoid gatherings that do not adhere to guidelines.


The Supreme Committee further said the preventive measures were aimed at safeguarding the community’s health and safety, which continue to be the highest priority of the Government of Dubai and frontline entities. The authorities reiterated their complete commitment to protect the safety and well-being of citizens, residents and tourists.


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