Dubai: More annual leave for public sector

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A new human resources law will give government employees more leave days and promotion opportunities and will allow for remote working, it was announced on Sunday.

The new law includes 141 articles, compared to 231 previously, with new clauses covering topics such as Emiratisation, scholarship, learning and development.

Among the features of the revised law are an increase in annual leave for grade 8 employees from 22 days to 25, as well as an increase from 15 days to 18 days of leave for grade 7 workers. With approval from their line manager, government employees will now also be able to receive overtime compensation.

Additionally, the law introduces the option to work remotely, and allows government employees to receive ticket allowance of children up to 21 years of age, compared to the previous 18. Emirati employees will also now be given ticket allowance for all their children, while it had previously been capped at three.

Employees will also be able to apply for any open vacancy within their organisation and be assigned to a new post even if they do not necessarily meet the official criteria for the new post.


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