Dubai beggars earning up to £55,000-A-MONTH

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Beggars in Dubai are earning up to £55,000 a month by asking for handouts on the streets, officials have said.

Many of the vendors and so-called ‘smart beggars’ in the city travel to the UAE on three-month visas and stay illegally for time after, Dubai Police said.

Major-General Khalil Ebrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs of Dubai Police, said street vending is illegal.

‘Most of street vendors are staying illegally in the country and they cause danger,’ he told the Gulf News.

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He added: ‘They reflect [an] uncivilised image of the city. If they commit crimes then it will be hard for officers to trace them as there is no data or fingerprints to investigate.’

Mansouri warned that the items being sold could be expired or sold illegally.

‘It is another way of begging and people shouldn’t encourage them by buying their goods. Society must cooperate with police by alerting us [the authorities] about them,’ he said.

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Authorities said that in 2017, 34,881 people were arrested for staying illegally and street vending, which is down from the previous year, where 49,205 people were arrested.

Among those arrested in 2017, 2,355 were street vendors and were 1,840 beggars.

Source Credit: Daily Mail


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