Dubai: Crane operator who suffered heart attack 65m above ground rescued

A crane operator who suffered a heart attack at a height of 65 metres – equal to the height of 13 residential floors – was recently rescued by the Dubai Police. 

The force had received an emergency call about the man who suddenly fell ill and suffered a blood clot.

“Joined by the first responders from the Dubai Civil Defence, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and the Land Rescue team at the Dubai Police, our teams immediately leapt into action to save the man in distress who suffered a heart attack at the top of a huge gantry crane at Jebel Ali Port,” said Lt-Col Yahya Hussain Muhammad, head of the difficult missions section at the Dubai Police. 

Rescue teams climbed to the top of the crane to provide the man with the first aid required to stabilise his condition and then transferred him to a hospital.

Lifting down the man swiftly and safely was a challenge as the crane’s electric lift had broken down. “Our technical team had to first repair the lift and operate it manually before we lifted the man down to the first floor where he was then placed on a stretcher and carried down to the ambulance,” explained Lt-Col Muhammad.


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