Dubai: Emirates Allows Bookings to 12 Arab Countries From July 1

Emirates Airlines website enabled the option to book flights out of Dubai to 16 destinations in 12 Arab countries, starting from July 1.

The airline’s website is allowing bookings to destinations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan and Sudan.

However, the airline was keen to emphasize that while it is allowing bookings, the situation remains dynamic and could be subject to change.

Emirates began operating scheduled flight services to nine destinations around the world from May 21, including London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Chicago, Toronto, Sydney and Melbourne.

The airline is also offering connections in Dubai for customers travelling between the UK and Australia.

While return flights are available for most destinations, passengers are currently required to apply for approval to return to the UAE.

Emirates has introduced a number of new safety measures for passengers and staff. Upon check-in, the airline will give all passengers free hygiene kits. These will include face masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. Gloves and masks must be worn at the airport and the face masks are also compulsory on all Emirates flights.

Emirates will resume its service with hot meals, using high quality, cutlery and crockery, sterilized before each use.


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