Dubai expats slam firm for racism in hiring

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An online promotions firm has been slammed by residents on social media for sending out messages that Filipinos aren’t allowed to apply for a job through them. Miha Hilal tagged one of her Filipino friends on a make-up artist job posting published on Facebook by the group ‘Damon Part Time and Full Time Jobs’. However, her tag was removed by the page admin and she was sent a private message saying “this job is not for Filipinos and they are not welcome here. You are banned for tagging a Filipino”.

“There have been several companies in the UAE that use the phrases ‘only Arab speaking, only English speaking’ which is understandable – but there are certain companies that take it a step further and shamelessly advertise ‘only blonde, beautiful or skinny applicants’, which is disgusting,” Hilal said.

She posted a screenshot of the message on her own Facebook account and residents reacted with anger. Ajla Al Harmally reacted to the post, saying: “Seriously, this really bothered me. I don’t think anyone deserves to work for people like this. Thank you for sharing and showing people how these people really are.”

Source Credit: Khaleej Times
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