Dubai Fitness Challenge to begin tomorrow

Over 800 fitness sessions are scheduled to be held at the DP World Kite Fitness Village as part of 6th edition of Dubai Fitness Challenge 2022, which will kick off on Saturday, October 29 and run until November 27.

Individuals can find a plethora of activities at the venue like golf, yoga, aerobics, boxing, rowing, basketball and cricket. Moreover, there are a whole lot of activities that will encourage your children to be physically active.

Here’s a look at the activities:

Workouts by the seashore

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With over 20 types of fitness and training areas and hundreds of different exercises, and a beautiful view of the Dubai waters, the venue makes it a perfect location for workout enthusiasts.

Play golf

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A golf station has been set up for those interested in the sport. The bay has a golf hole and even a screen to display the player’s skills.

High-intensity training

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Visitors can undertake high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts at the Village’s two, multi-level facilities. The first facility is for muscle strengthening.

The ground floor has sparring gear and treadmills, the first floor has bicycle exercise machines, and hydro rowing machines, made of wood and bamboo, have been fitted on the second floor. Over 100 people can work out at the facility at the same time.

The second facility is for building core muscles. There is a trampoline on the ground floor, with HIIT workout and cross-fitness facilities on the above floors. The types of equipment range from kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells medicines balls, wall balls, and air bikes.

Wellness, meditation dome

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The wellness and meditation dome has scheduled training sessions for those interested in meditation, Pilates and yoga. Each batch can accommodate 30-40 people. Aerial yoga will also be organised once or twice a week and have 8 members participating at a time.

Boxing ring

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Scheduled training will be conducted by boxing, sparring, and mixed martial arts experts. A 30-minute training session will be provided to interested visitors.

Football, basketball and cricket

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Residents interested in group activities can book the football, basketball or cricket facility by calling the toll-free number 055 751 8644. Bats, balls, football, basketballs, and other equipment will be provided at the venue.

Children’s zone

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A fitness and entertainment zone has been set up for children. The young ones can take part in several activities for free. They could also use the Aqua Park next to the Village at a cost of Dh30.

The Village will be open from 3pm to 11 pm on weekdays, and 7am until 11pm on weekends. One has to register at the counter or on the website to use the facilities at the Fitness Village. Visitors can find showers, toilets and changing facilities near the Fitness Village. You can also get food and drink near the Village to refresh after your workout.


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