Dubai: Gang uses chilli powder to rob Dh200,000

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Two men who stole Dh200,000 have been sentenced to one year in jail followed by deportation in Dubai.

The 38 year-old Indian national had just left his company at Dubai’s Meena Bazaar on July 31 of last year, when he was intercepted by two men.

“I was passing through a parking lot on my way home when an Asian-looking man holding a vessel with some liquid stopped me.”

Local media sources reported that the attacker threw the liquid on the victim’s face, “burning my face and eyes. I couldn’t see anything.”

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“Another person pulled the money parcel wrapped in plastic from my arms and fled.”

Both attackers confessed to the crime. A third man who was their accomplice is still on the run.

A fourth defendant confessed to aiding and abetting the crime by keeping Dh150,000 with him to wire to the attackers later on.


Source Credit: Khaleej Times


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