Dubai get’s tough on employees taking time off for ‘sick leave’

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It seems that gone are the days when employees can treat sick leave simply as extra paid holidays by their employer. Predated sick leave of three consecutive days will no longer be allowed, which means leave can only be issued from the day employees visit medical centres.

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) urged doctors and other personnel at public and private medical centres to abide by the decision and refrain from giving patients predated sick leave, state news agency Wam reported.

Marwan Al Mulla, director of the health planning department at DHA, said the move came into effect on Sunday at all public and private health centres in Dubai in a bid to ensure transparency.

 Mr Al Mulla said that the electronic system, Sharian, had been reprogrammed and no longer accepted predated sick leave. He said that the health planning department was working on a smart, integrated electronic system that was to be connected to all bodies responsible for licensing medical centres and physicians.
Dr Ashish Jaiswal, hospital administrator at NMC in Dubai Investments Park, said: “This will help doctors and be better for patients too. “We do not give sick notes for a period of time that patients or companies request, only for time that is medically appropriate to the condition.
“I make it very clear to my patients when I think they should be going back to work, and only when it is necessary. Source credit – The National)


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