Dubai Housekeepers reveals some of the most bizarre tasks assigned

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With help from the UAE Professional Housekeepers Group, The Hotel Show has lifted the lid on how housekeepers’ jobs vary from one extreme to the next, as they bend over backward to meet every guest’s needs.

From scrubbing AED100,000 designer handbags to cleaning balconies at the time of a sandstorm, to even welcoming children into the world; it’s all in a day’s work for Dubai’s army of housekeeping staff.

It being Dubai, there are some experiences that veer toward the naturally extravagant. Housekeepers told of entire guest room transformations, with one explaining: “One guest wanted to have the entire floor covered with linen, including the bathroom, due to being allergic to walking on the floor. Since the bathroom is a bit of sensitive area we covered the floor with bath rugs and anti-slip mats. The entire room was carpeted to ensure the guest had a good stay.”

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