Dubai issues new law to regulate drone activities

Dubai has issued a new law that it says will help boost the business of drones, including manufacturing and logistics.

The law, issued by Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, aims to reduce risks associated with drone activity and specifies the duties and responsibilities of relevant authorities, according to the law.

It will also help promote Dubai as a hub for drone manufacturing, smart transportation and innovation, as well as enable public and private entities to use drones and provide drone-related services.

The DCAA will designate approved areas for drone flying and the heights within which the operations and trials of drones can be conducted.

Dubai Air Navigation Services will establish the airspace within which drones can operate in order to support DCAA in monitoring drone activity. It will also provide air traffic movement and meteorological information to drone operators so that they can operate safely.

The laws says that Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects will set out the specifications, standards and conditions for ‘Drone Airports’ and present them to the DCAA for approval.

Dubai Police will manage all the security aspects of drone activity and coordinate with the DCAA to put in place security measures to prevent the illegal use of drones and crimes committed by using drones, as well as measures to deal with the loss of control of drones, especially when they are flying outside their designated areas and not complying with regulations.

The DCAA, in coordination with Dubai Police, may allow government agencies to use drones for security, rescue, firefighting, surveillance or other purposes that are in the public interest.

Anyone operating a drone will require a licence from the DCAA and anyone who possesses a drone should register it with the aviation authority. The DCAA’s managing director will list the permitted categories for drone operations in Dubai. In addition, prior to operating drones, its systems and airport strips, operators are required to obtain an operational safety certificate.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, in coordination with the DCAA, will outline the procedures for the use of radio frequencies for drones and their systems and remote-control stations.


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