Dubai Looks To Develop Ties With Cricket Governing Bodies

Dubai looks to boost ties with cricket governing bodies and enhance the sport in the UAE.

Saeed Hareb, Secretary-General of Dubai Sports Council (DSC), highlighted the prestigious status of Dubai in hosting various international championships, besides hosting the headquarters of international sports federations and organisations, thanks to the availability of all factors of success and attraction to sports championships and entities.

He also affirmed the importance of cricket and its distinctive status among the other various international sports events, which take place in the emirate annually and attract prominent groups of world stars, participants and fans from all over the world.

He highlighted the hosting of the headquarters of the International Cricket Council and the Asian Cricket Confederation, in addition to the sports facilities in the city, as signs of the emirate’s importance on the sport.

Hareb explained DSC’s keenness to boost cooperation with the International Cricket Council, the Emirates Cricket Board and the Asian Cricket Confederation, aiming to develop and popularise the culture of the exercise of cricket.

The news emerged during a visit to the DSC by Greg Barclay, President of the International Cricket Council, and Khalid Al-Zarooni, Deputy President of the Emirates Cricket Board.

Greg Barclay stated, “I visited Dubai many times. However, during this visit, I am pleased to collaborate with DSC and the Emirates Cricket Board. Dubai is a unique destination where sports events and championships can be hosted, because of the availability of the distinctive facilities and the prominent organisational experiences”.

Hareb accompanied the International Cricket Council delegations and the Emirates Cricket Board on a tour around DSC’s premises.


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